Friday, 26 February 2010

Clutter City

Making bootiful things for Clutter City!!
This Saturday, 10-4, Norwich Arts Centre come and buy prettiful bits and bobs!

Cards and postcards

I need to purchase myself a personalised rubber stamp!! Had to write out my name and blog address azillion times!!

Crashed the textiles print studio and made these wicked tote bags!!
All for sale at clutter city, and on etsy soon hopefully!! for a bargain £5!!

Rosie Richards, la roo boo blogspot check this sexy lady out, she will also be selling these this weekend x

random acreen print from last year, i designed it for Franks Bar but never got round to actuay going in to show it to them, oops.

Sooooooooo excited bout our clutter city debut tomoro! Not so much looking forward to another early start and probably having to trek across town in the rain in the morning!
Fingers crossed we'll do really well, thanx to everyone who has made things for the stall, hopefully it'll be a good day and we'll all earn a bit of dosh that we can go and spend by buying other people nice things probably!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Bits and bobs ready for Clutter City

Seaside winter holidays Postcards

Pimp Your Head Party Posters

'Getting there' Design for Tote bags we'll be printing next week!!
Tres excited bout screen printing onto fabric!
Just got to find some form of clear package to put all the prints and post cards in and im sorted!
OH, and got a couple 'Moving house' cards i made for best mates moving day so i want screen print a couple more of those cards possibleeeee!