Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Book covers, nearly finished?

I have been working more on the book covers, i THINK theyre almost there.
i think the details are what really bring the message out to be much stronger,
kitchen still not 100% happy with, think the table needs work but better than before,
much happier with the bedroom now.

Too busy atm needs a bit of refinment but almost there thank god driving my potty!

Moving onto the end paper/wallpaper patterns to reflect the idividual decades now...

Friday, 26 March 2010

The British Home, throughout the 1960's, 70's and 80s

The British family through the years, book cover designs, collage,

I have illustrated 3 book covers inspired by the bbc1 series The British family, each decade focussing on a different major movement in that era and how it affected the family in Britain...
The British Family and the Social Revolution in the 1960's

The divorce rates rising, first serious drop in marriage and in the stigma attached to 'failed marriage' in breaking up etc
The Lounge, family room representing the family unit, chairs facing away from one another, family portrait on 'the wonk! wil have extra details such as male slippers, womens cleaning appliances, old newspaper with 'rising divorce rates' etc

The British Family and the Sexual Revolution in the 1970s

The bedroom, unmade bed, minimalist, will have extra details such as underwear on floor, porno mag on side table, note in lipstick on mirror...
The British Faimly and Gender Equality in the 1980's
The kicthen, changes in the role of 'breadwinner', women going out to work, stay at home dads, single parents, consumer boom
will have takeaway boxes, high heels and briefcase, apron car keys, microwave...
all need a lot more work but getting there!
Need to sort text on them all, theyr all made to be a wrap around format for the covers, right hand side front cover left back, space left for blurb etc....babbled enough on this one i think!

Easter tiiiime!

Easter's on its way, cannee wait for loadsa chocolate!! Here are my latest set of cards, a couple easter like designs, and just some spingtime blank ones!


Love Cloud

Easter Egg

Deck Chairs

Deck Chairs

I also got my new personalised stamp through the post today! Yay! no more writing my name ond blog out a ga-zillion times!
Stamp Stamp Stamp Stamp!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

For Sale! Clutter city

Our first No-Folk Stall!!

Rosie and Serena holding up the fort

What a spent the mpney i earnt on! Well i spent more more than i earnt! so much pretty stuff!!
Earings eclectic eccentricity, awsome scrabble ring Sophies Stuff

My Beep Beep bags on sale

Here are my greetings cards i sold, all profesh and wrapped up and everything! got me very excited!