Monday, 30 November 2009

Chrimbo Cards!

Our Chrimble cards!
Made with love by:
Serena katt
Rosie Richards
and Moi!

8 silk screen printed cards made by us three!

We're selling them the NUCA Christmas Show and hopefully soon in our Su if anyones interested

£5 for a pack of 8 with 8brown envelopes! All the money we make is going towards our Illustration Degree Show

loved making these, had a proper little printshop going! Loads of fun! Got me right in the christmas mood!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Everyone is the same

Looking for a diamond in the rough?

Life through rose tinted glasses

Have your cake and eat it.

You can't really know where you are going,
Without knowing where you have been.

The weather is here, i wish you were beautiful.

Birthday/Greeting Cards

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Next Please...

This is work going towards a self initiated project, a visual essay documentary project focussing on Waiting. After travelling over the summer, and having to do alot of waiting around for transport, information and general people watching i wanted to look further into how people act when they are waiting, alone, in a group. Fidgeting, texting, listening to music, day dreaming etc etc

these are just drafts but i have been drawing and collaging figures and eventualy want to drop them into flat screen printed backgrounds with minimal detail and colour, hoping to put focus on the characters not their surroundings. I want to include thoughts, conversations and information text throughout to get a bit more of an idea of who the characters are and what theyr doing.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Student Files

Pulled together sketches of student life to put together a kind of student scrap book

Line drawing on tracing paper over
Collage and photocopied, batch of 5 books under £5

Friday, 1 May 2009

Alphabet Design

Selection of alphabet models designed and made for the Illustrative Alphabet project

Ideas for a greetings card, good luck in your new home, moving day cards etc.
OR thinking of maybe using the drawings produced in the designing process for a childrens wallpaper, wrapping paper maybe.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Taking Stock

Taking Stock, project from the end of last year, we were asked to present everything we owned, or wanted/wished to own! We were told to take it as literaly as we felt right. I produced a simple line drawing, a continuous pile/line of my belongings most used/important to me. When packing to come back to norwich this helped prioritise!

The final outcome was a consiltiner booklet make up of tracing paper, sp when its all folded up, you can make out all the objects as just a large pile of 'stuff'!

I am going to be talking photos of the actual booklet for the assessment etc

Editorial projects

Charles Buwkowski poem, 'Finished?'
image to accompany the poem in a magasine or book or whatever, really struggled at first with this one, poem was quite hard to relate to image as it was about time, past and present and emotions

This image was to accompany an article from HR magasine, about law reinforcment in the workplace, used omnicrome with the final image-OMNICROME! used it all the time on foundation!

latest work

Recently been struggling to get all of this terms work finished for our assessment on Monday! Yikes! Heres what i've been up to!

The message and delivery project, brief was set to communicate a message through a domestic object. I came up with the idea, 'the Walls Have Ears' and designed a wallpaper following this idea.

This example was my final outcome, using silk screen, i really enjoyed it and am so please with the final outcome!

These are etchings, my first ever! I really enjoyed the doing these, but was such a long process, im not sure id have the planning and patience to do it all of the time!

It was just great to be using a new process, just a change from pen and paper which is all i seem to have done lately!

I decided to produce a swatch book of samples i had made. Here are examples of the samples...!!

I Havnt quite finished putting the books together, but the aim of the game is to get them finished ans sent off tomorow!