Monday, 18 May 2009

Student Files

Pulled together sketches of student life to put together a kind of student scrap book

Line drawing on tracing paper over
Collage and photocopied, batch of 5 books under £5


Christopher Gibbs said...

Hi Nic

Hope the end of the year went well, thanks for visiting the blog - how's photoshop coming along?



Nic Stollery said...

hello chris, thanx ever so much for the help you gave me, i had a fiddle about with the 'brush' tool thingmy you showed me! ive tried playing around with photoshop the last few weeks after assessment was out of the way! Definatly helping me, thanx for your help! see you next year im sure! x

Lynne Chapman said...

What a great idea - these are excellent drawings too. The colour really brings them together.