Monday, 30 November 2009

Chrimbo Cards!

Our Chrimble cards!
Made with love by:
Serena katt
Rosie Richards
and Moi!

8 silk screen printed cards made by us three!

We're selling them the NUCA Christmas Show and hopefully soon in our Su if anyones interested

£5 for a pack of 8 with 8brown envelopes! All the money we make is going towards our Illustration Degree Show

loved making these, had a proper little printshop going! Loads of fun! Got me right in the christmas mood!


Carley.J said...

mate these are awesome I love them, if you have loads I'd be well up for getting some - dont know how you could get them to me....maybe find a way!?!? x

Sophie said...


Anna said...


stick this post on the no folk blog too! x x