Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Book covers, nearly finished?

I have been working more on the book covers, i THINK theyre almost there.
i think the details are what really bring the message out to be much stronger,
kitchen still not 100% happy with, think the table needs work but better than before,
much happier with the bedroom now.

Too busy atm needs a bit of refinment but almost there thank god driving my potty!

Moving onto the end paper/wallpaper patterns to reflect the idividual decades now...


Anonymous said...

these look amazing! they seem to have so much depth to them, did you use drop shadow?

Nic Stollery said...

Thanx bub! No i just had to photograph them because my scanners packed up! so that mightve added to them actualy! haha! Hope ur works going well! x

alberio said...

very nice looks proper 3d x x x

Anonymous said...

definately keep as photos! the depth is INSANE!!